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Isn’t she beautiful? The next time you admire someones beauty or wardrobe —ask yourself ‘What is her/his secret? What is she or he does differently? Advancing your style is much, much simpler than the online fashion bloggers makes it to be. Yes, you can easily advance your image, fashion skills, style, and shopping. With that in mind, 101 Alternatives fashionistas are sharing their best beauty and fashion tips so can feel even more like the gorgeous, confident, powerful person you are.

Have you ever heard that not only can clothing affect your mood, but also reflects your personality. Dress for success! This is a common phrase in the world of beauty and fashion. How can dressing right boost your confidence? Apply the right makeups! Know the right makeup for your skin complexion. How do you match your necklace or earrings with your wardrobe? You need to know how to dress well to boost your confidence in the corporate world.

People see beauty and fashion as one thing. Why? A person’s skin care, hair style is as important as her choice of wardrobe. A healthy self-confidence is very important for your well-being. Self-confidence is emotionally and mentally beneficial for one to feel good about themselves. It also can actually make one more successful! Multiple beauty and fashion studies have shown not only does dressing right heightens your impressions, but also increases your performance. For instance, if you wear clothes that makes you fell intelligent or important the way you interact with others changes. Wearing well changes your cognitive functioning.

Your style guides people in determining what kind of a person you are. If you dress wrong, people might make the wrong assumptions. In fact, the way you dress enables people to make different assumptions about you. Are you a business person? Dress the part! Let your style and fashion reflect who you are.

Let’s imagine you would like to feel more beautiful like your co-worker, friend, or a certain celeb. You often see people looking beautiful they way they dress or style their hair and you admire them. These people grab your attention because they do the dressing or styling in the most authentic way. They dress to impress! How can you do it too? You can ask 101 Alternatives beauty and fashion experts for tips. Take it from people who knows all the biggest makeup and hair trends.

What Beauty and Fashion Category covers?

This category deals with issues of beauty and fashion. Things like makeup, formal wear, wearing apparel, jewelry, nail care, hair care, skin care, fashion accessories and types of clothing. Actually, 101 covers anything to do with fashion from clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, fashion design, jewelry, make up, shopping, beauty and fashion trends, fashion brands, shoes and hair.

Gone are the days one had to visit a fashion expert to get tips. Great news people! You can know how to match your green eyes with the right make up shade from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to wait for the TV adverts to know the fashion trends or where to shop. Read 101 Alternatives for the trends in the beauty and fashion world.