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You might have heard that ‘Education is a powerful weapon’. It is the weapon you need to change the world or even your living standards. But without education materials it can be hard to get great scores in your college education. You also need these materials to educate your students. This is where 101 alternative education and tutorial experts comes in. Whether you would like to gain informative knowledge about learning, teaching or the keys to well-being at college/university, 101 Alternatives we are here for you. With education tutorials you can develop a meaningful learning experience in your classroom.

Gone are the days when one had to rely on books for research or doing other classwork, today with just a single click on your computer, you can get to read anything educational you would like to know. Our best blog posts feature tips for supporting student well-being, innovative teaching ideas, sense of purpose for teaching, exercises to reignite teaching passion, and ways to capitalize students’ strengths.

101 Alternatives aspires to provide students and educational professionals with a deeper understanding of all the educational aspects and environment. Our mission is to help create a smooth learning environment and increase both teachers and students’ knowledge. We are also here to provide you with learning materials. We hope the site blog posts, answers, opinions and thoughts will help you cultivate a more compassionate, equitable and kinder classroom.

Wondering how to help your students as they struggle with perfectionism and anxiety? Why not “Ask the expert”? Most students consider anything that is less that perfect is a failure. They have been a lot of expectations to fulfill! Simply doing well isn’t what the students call perfect. He or she will redo the assignments or research paper countless times in an effort to produce quality paper. Even after thorough research, he or she may feel the paper isn’t perfect enough. He had heard that ‘Failure isn’t an option’ so many times and he feels frustrated whenever he doesn’t meet the set standards. How do you help such a perfectionist? Ask 101 alternative education experts.

Attending the best university or college is your big dream? We recommended sitting for the SAT or ACT exams. As you start to prepare for your college education, it is important to take the SAT test. In fact, your SAT score is a vital component of your university or college application. SAT or ACT scores are part of many college admissions process. Where can you find such tests? Why are they important? How do you prepare for such tests? These might be some of the questions lingering in your mind! But don’t worry, 101 Alternatives we are here to help you prepare for the SAT tests. Our experts will share top ways to prepare for SAT. You can also chat with them and ask any question free of charge.

When should you take the ACT or SAT tests? Are you debating whether to take the ACT or SAT tests? To make the right pick, you should consider your schedule, time needed for preparation, and how many times you will have to take the test. 101 Alternatives education and tutorial experts are here to help you attend your dream university/college.

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