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You just graduated and you are in search of a job. You don’t know how to write your CV or cover letter. Don’t worry, 101 Alternatives has a number of jobs and career consultants with tips on how to write that CV or even pass the interview.

Let’s be real, even with your level of education it is impossible to know everything about your dream job. Why not ask the expert? Finding a good position goes beyond your education level or job description when searching of training programs, internships (paid or unpaid) or entry –level job. There are few job opportunities out here, thus you need to be more competitive to get the position. But how do you improve your approval chances? 101 Alternatives has job and career experts with interview, cover letter, and CV tips. There are things that potential employers will consider when hiring your. Read our blog post to learn them. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our jobs and career category, you can chat with our experts and get the answer.

You just started a new job and it seems overwhelming. 101 Alternatives experts have the tips to make sure you nail that job. When you are starting a new job you should not hesitate to ask any question. Let your colleagues help you out! Don’t worry about annoying your co-workers. It is your first week, they expect you to ask questions. Don’t ask the obvious, you don’t want to look dumb! There are some things that you can Google, especially if they aren’t related to the Company. Your first week at work is all about creating a good impression. Try not to be the last one in or the first to leave. You should try to show your commitment! Show them you are a hard-worker!

What are the tips to getting hired very fast? Ask 101 Alternatives experts! Would you like to get a job as soon as possible? There are some things you need to know to get hired quickly. When you are hunting for a job, apply for every job you are qualified for. Don’t waste your time applying for every job you can find. Decide what kind of job you are looking for and ensure you have the qualifications. You can’t apply for an engineering job yet you are a business major. Be patient! Just because your first job application was rejected does mean the next one will be. Try again! Some people apply like 20 jobs before they are hired. We are here to guide you on how to match your qualifications with a job or write good cover letter.

You would like to join a university or college, but you don’t know what course to take. There are many things you should factor when choosing a course. What is your dream job? Are jobs available? What is your skills and talent? Do the course interests you? We have experts at your services ready to help you select the right course. How can you develop your dream career? 101 Alternatives has got you covered!

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