Jobs Market

Jobs Market

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There is no fun in job searching. In fact, there is nothing hectic like seeking a job. As you embark on the job-searching journey, you should first understand the current job market.

What is the job market? This is a market where people search jobs as employers search for potential employees. Even though this market includes the concept of demand and supply as well as competition, there is nothing physical about it. Yes, this market is not a physical place!

The growth of the job market is determined by the demand of labor and supply of workers. This market can shrink, grow or stay stagnant depending on the demand for workers or available supply of workers. Most job markets are very competitive! You need to have the required skills, experience, and qualifications to be able to secure employment in the job market. Sometimes job seekers are unable to secure employment despite having top-notch qualifications. Such cases happens because some people don’t understand the current job market and keep repeating the same mistakes as they seek job.

What you should know about current Job Market

When it comes to job hunting, you need to make the right moves. If you make the wrong assumptions, getting employment is next to impossible.

Qualifications aren’t everything! Since you were young, you were made to believe education is key to riches and success. Your parent or guardian went a step further to determine the course that you should study. You end up studying a course you don’t like just because the salary is good or the market is favorable. Some of the ‘recommended’ courses are saturated and it will be very hard to secure employment. Blame it on the society or parents views on job market.

Nowadays, employer focuses on what you can do and what is your passion. Study a course you are passionate about. A certificate is not enough! Learn practical skills too! You should also know what you want out of your career. In addition, keep in mind job hunting takes dedication and time!

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