Troubleshoot Router Issues- How to Setup a Router

Troubleshoot Router Issues- How to Setup a Router

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The Router is one of the most confusing devices in the network world for many wireless network users out here. Most people don’t understand what it is or how it works! Do you know what a router is? No Matter if it is a Netgear router, Linksys router, Cisco router, T-P link or any other, Don’t worry today we are going to discuss everything you should know about the router.

Nowadays, a wireless network is like electricity. You need it in the office, home, school and in other amenities. Without it you can’t work or stream your favorite TV show. With a router you can connect your Smartphone, computer and TV with wireless network at the same time. Yes, you can browse on your computer while watching the latest TV show simultaneously.

What is a Router??

Just like the word route implies, the router helps to route the traffic between your devices like computers and the internet. We all have devices in our homes that can connect to the internet. The routers allow communication between such devices and the internet.

With a remarkable router you can enjoy faster internet services in your home. With the right router, you can avoid Wi-Fi dead spots and protect your home devices from cyber threats. You don’t have to be a computer expert to recognize a functional router. How fast is the internet service? The faster the internet connection, the perfect the router is. Sometimes the router might not work properly due to some minor errors that are very easy to fix.

Router Problems and How to Fix Them

Over the years Wi-Fi and internet speeds have improved significantly. Nowadays Wi-Fi has become more reliable than other data connections. However, the wireless network isn’t without problems.

With the rapid increase of online gaming sites, smart home devices, and movie streaming services, one is required to have a strong internet connection. Many routers in the market come with great features. However, they still come with a few flaws that weakens internet connection. If it takes forever to download a movie or you are experiencing lag while streaming or gaming, the issue might be on your router.

You have carefully setup your router as instructed in the instruction manual, but your Wi-Fi connection isn’t working as it is supposed to. Below are common router issues and how to fix them;

  • Incompatibility in settings

One of the most common issues when it comes to wireless connection is mismatched Wi-Fi security settings. Sometimes the Wi-Fi setting might be incompatible between two devices like a router and the smartphone or router and the PC. You should ensure that the router can support all the Wi-Fi versions by checking the network mode. Also the router and the other Wi-Fi devices should use the same security mode.

  • Disconnected or loose cables

The router can’t function if the cables are disconnected. You might also have a weak or no wireless connection if the cables are loose. Ensure the router cables are firmly seated and the power is switched on.

  • Outdated or defective router

After years of regular use, it is common for a router to fail just like any other device. In case the router is outdated or defective you can either upgrade, repair or replace it.

  • Wi-Fi signal limitations

Sometimes your device might fail to connect to the router because of the limited range of the wireless signals. In case of range limitations, consider re-positioning your router, changing the Wi-Fi channel number or changing the router SSID (number).

  • Overloading or overheating

Overusing the router may cause it to generate heat. You see, when you download large files or stream videos and movies for long periods, your router may overheat or overload. The heavy loading may cause the router to crash or disconnect. In case of such problem, shut the router down and give it time to cool.

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