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‘All citizens must pay taxes’, is one of the most used phrases by tax bodies. Have you ever wondered why you should pay tax and how it is used? Health programs, social security, defense and security, education, and other government facilities are run using the taxes you pay. That is why you find that paying tax is a must in most countries! Yes, they are some countries that income is not taxed like the Bahamas, Monaco, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates and Andorra. It doesn’t matter where you live as at 101 Alternatives we have tax experts from all over the world. They are here to provide you with your country or state tax laws.

What are the tax laws? These are rules, regulations and procedures governing how the tax bodies should calculate and collect taxes. Tax laws cover corporate, income, exercise, estate and property taxes, luxury e.t.c. The state or country’s legislatures are usually the ones responsible for creating, changing, approving, and updating tax laws. Would you like to know the tax laws governing your country, state or local government? Ask our tax experts!

There are different types of taxes like income tax, corporate tax, estate and property tax, indirect tax, VAT (value added tax), just to naming a few. If you are earning an income, you will pay income tax. Close corporations or companies are the ones who pay corporate taxes.

Let’s 101 Alternatives experts help you with tax question! Whether you are wondering when, how, and where to file taxes, we are here for you. We will guide you through the tax filing procedure. Filing taxes can be confusing. 101 Alternatives tax experts are here to help.

If you have burning questions about taxes- ask us! We have posted the frequently asked questions with answers on this site. When are taxes due? How to file taxes? When can you file taxes? How to file a tax extension? How much you have to make to file taxes? Why do I have to pay taxes? Are some of the most asked questions!

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about not knowing or understanding how tax bodies work or what are taxes, as you aren’t the only one. Luckily, you have 101 Alternatives experts to answers your question about taxes. We also have numerous blog posts about taxes. What happens if you file taxes after the deadline? What are the benefits of filing taxes early? 101 Alternatives has answers to such questions!

When it comes to finances, it is all about money management. Finance include activities like lending, borrowing, investing, forecasting, budgeting, and saving. Want to know more about finances? Would you like to know budgeting tips? Wondering how to save money? Why not ask our finance experts?

Would you like to start a business or invest? Knowing and understanding the 3 categories of financial capital is very important when planning to start a new business or invest in a potential investment. Why not ask 101 Alternatives anything you would like to know about financial capital?

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