The Top 10 Skin-Care Products

The Top 10 Skin-Care Products

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Before you can devise the best regime for yourself and give your skin some special care, you need to understand what the main skin-care products are designed to do.


Facial Washes

These liquids are designed to be lathered up with water to dissolve grime, dirt and stale make-up from the skin’s surface.

Cleansing Bars

Ordinary soaps are too drying for most skins. However, now you can foam up with these special bars which will cleanse your skin without stripping it of moisture. They’re refreshing for oilier skin-types, and help keep pores clear and prevent pimples and blackheads.

Cream Cleansers

These are a wonderful way to cleanse drier complexions. They generally have quite a light, fluid consistency to make them easy to spread onto the skin. They contain oils to dissolve surface dirt and make-up, so they can be easily swept from your skin with cottonwool (cotton). Use damp cottonwool (cotton) if you prefer a fresher finish.

Toner and Astringents

Designed to refresh and cool your skin, they quickly evaporate after being applied to the skin with cottonwool (cotton). They can also remove excess oil from the surface layer of your skin. The word “astringent” on the bottle means it has higher alcohol content, and is only suitable for oily skins. The word “tonic” and “toner” mean that they’re useful for normal or combination skins as they are gentler. Those with dry and sensitive skins should usually avoid these products as they can be too drying. Generally, if the product stings your face, move onto a gentler formulation or weaken it by adding a few drops of distilled water (available from a pharmacist).


The key function of a moisturizer is to form a barrier film on the surface of your skin and prevent moisture moisture loss from the two layers. This makes the skin feel softer and smoother. Generally, the drier your skin the thicker the moisturizer you should choose. All skin types need a moisturizer. Moisturizer today also contains a myriad of other ingredients to treat your skin. The most valuable one to look for is a UV filter. With this your moisturizer will give your skin year-round protection from the ageing and burning rays of the sun.

Eye make-up remover

Ordinary cleansers aren’t usually sufficient to remove stubborn eye make-up, which is why these products are so useful. If you wear waterproof mascara check that the product you use is designed to remove it.



In addition to a basic wardrobe of skin-care products, you can add a few extras.

Face masks

These are intensive treatments, designed either to deep cleanse your skin or dramatically boost its moisture levels.

Facial scrubs and exfoliaters

These creams or gel contain hundreds of tiny abrasive particles. When massaged into damp skin, these particles dislodge dead surface skin cells, revealing the younger, fresher cells underneath.

Eye Creams

The delicate skin around your eyes is usually the first to show the signs of ageing. These gels and creams contain special ingredients to plump out fine lines, and keep this skin soft. They can also help reduce puffiness and under eye shadows.

Night Creams

These are intensive creams, designed to give your skin extra pampering while you sleep. They can afford to have thicker consistency because you won’t need to apply make-up over the top.



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