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The best way to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, graduation or a new year is to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations. Some of the best tourist sites are surrounded by the natural wealth like lakes, sea, islands, water streams, waterfalls, beaches and mountains. Others may be surrounded by the most colorful historical buildings. Wondering what are some of the things you can do in your dream tourist destination? Ask 101 Alternatives experts and make your visit memorable.

There are numerous things you can do in your dream city like partying, touring around the city, visiting luxurious hotels, among others. Whether you are travelling for business or vacation, 101 Alternatives we are here. Let us be your guide! We know everything about all the tourist destinations round the world. We will provide you with a list of all the things you can do in a particular city.

Ask our travel and tourism experts about where you want to visit this year! We have singled out the best tourist destinations worldwide. We narrow down the best vacation spots every year by checking our tourism statistics, press releases, restaurant debuts, hotel openings, flight routes, and frequent ask questions. We also turn to our travel and tourism experts for vacation ideas. Are you looking for the best places to travel? Why not ask our experts or check the travel and tourism blog posts?

With a world full of interesting tourist destinations, choosing the best vacation spot can be hectic. This where 101 Alternatives comes in! Whether you would like to explore ancient ruins, tour historic buildings, relax on a beach in the Caribbean island, hike the world famous mountain, learn the history and culture of certain place and people, or eat delicious cuisine- 101 Alternatives travel and tourism experts are here to help.

Would like to join the travel and tourism industry? Wondering which course to take? Ask the expert! Travel and tourism industry is the largest economic sector out here, whereby people are being hired every day. Whether you re looking for travel and tourism courses or searching for jobs- we are here to help. You can ask anything about travel and tourism related and our experts will answer you. We help by giving you travel and tourism interview tips.

Why should you choose a career in this industry? In most countries, Travel and tourism is the most profitable industry. There are always limitless job opportunities for job seekers. This industry offers careers with hotels, clubs, airlines, entertainment spots, travel agencies, tourism departments, tour operators, transports, car rental companies, accommodation facilities, bank, among others. What qualification should you have to join such sectors? This is where you will need our expert guidance. With the growing demand of travel and tourism experts, it has become a necessity to take a course in any certified travel and tourism institute around the world. We will guide through picking the right course. Chat with our experts today!

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