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What is Website Development?

We are living in the technological era! In fact, technology plays a very big role in your daily life. Every app, website, software, or blog, you find out here has been built by a web developer. How does he or she do it? What is website development?

To someone who doesn’t know much about technology, web development can seem hard, complicated, and confusing. So, to help you understand more about web development, we are going to discuss what is website development in details.

What is web development? You might have seen a website of your favorite company or certain institution on the search engines. Have you ever wondered how such websites are created? The process of creating apps and website for the intranet or internet is what we call web development. Web development is less about web design, but more about programming and coding. Coding and programming powers the functionality of the website.

All the tools (apps, static web pages, social media platforms, content management systems, and eCommerce websites among others) you use via the internet or intranet are built by web developers.

There are three layers of web development: server-side coding, client side coding, and database technology. Client side layer deals with everything the users see when they visit a website. Server side layer deals with the things that the user doesn’t’ actually see; it details everything that goes behind the scenes. The server side ensures that the client side is run smoothly. Database technology is all about the content and files required so that the website can function properly. In conclusion, the three layers completes the foundation of website development.

We have an expert team of website development who can help you get most attractive websites for your business. Our high-end website development services aim to strengthen a business’ online presence and boost its prospects. Our hallmark is adherence to best quality standards and coding guidelines to redefine development for clients.

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